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IBEW Local 223 is accepting applications for membership for upcoming projects in Southeastern MA.

Why should I consider joining the IBEW?

IBEW local 223 is committed to the advancement of the wages, benefits, and working conditions of all electricians in Southeastern Massachusetts. Our goal is to organize all contractors, electricians, and technicians into the IBEW who are committed to the advancement of wages, benefits and working conditions within the electrical industry. With a highly trained workforce we are able to provide contractors skilled workers when they need them. We are proud of the skills that our members bring to the job site day after day.

If you are an open shop electrician do you realize the benefits that a new electrician receives? As an open shop electrician what types of benefits do you receive?


IBEW Local 223 has over one hundred electrical and telecommunications contractors who hire highly skilled and trained journeymen and apprentices in the electrical and voice data video fields. We at IBEW Local 223 feel that you should earn a wage that allows you to provide for your family, and allows you not to worry about your family's future, by having good health insurance and pension plans for you and your family. For more information on wages. For more information on wages, contact us.


Like any organization, a Union needs resources to function. Unlike a company, the Union is not about making money - it's about building power for working people. Only Local Union members and elected convention delegates can vote, in a democratic manner, to change the dues. This is protected by the IBEW Constitution, Local Union By-laws, and FEDERAL LAW.

Do you know the difference in pay that you make now and what you would make as an IBEW Local 223 electrician? To find out how you can receive a higher wage with benefits contact us. We will explain Local Union Dues and International Dues and the benefits of being an IBEW Local 223 member.


Health care is one of the highest concerns of workers. Health care gets more expensive every month. How can workers concentrate on their jobs if they are worrying about how they are going to pay for health care for themselves or their dependents? IBEW Local 223 negotiates health care for our members and their families. A few open-shop contractors are providing health insurance for their employees, but often they charge extra for their families to be covered. IBEW Local 223 members receive family health care with no paycheck deduction.

IBEW Local 223 has a health care plan that allows our members to provide, for themselves and their families, health coverage with no payroll deduction. To learn more about IBEW Local 223 health care click on Benefits for Members.


Every working person deserves to have a secure, guaranteed income when they choose to retire. You may have a 401(k) retirement plan, that you have to take money out of your paycheck to fund. The difference between an IBEW Local 223 pension, which is a defined benefit plan, and a 401(k), is how much in benefits you receive. A 401(k) is an account balance when it is depleted that is all that you will receive. With an IBEW Local 223 pension plan you have a number of options including slump sum payment, monthly pension payment or a combination of both.This is another Benefits for Members of IBEW Local 223.


This is the second of our pension plans that is separate from IBEW Local 223 pension and is paid into through your International Dues payment. A portion of your monthly dues goes towards this pension. For every year of service as an IBEW Local 223 member you will receive $4.50. For example if you were a member for thirty years you would receive $135.00 every month at your retirement. This is the smallest of the retirement plans. This is a benefit of belonging to the IBEW International Union.


Every electrician or telecommunications technician within the IBEW receives this pension. The National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF) is a pension plan that is administrated by both The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) on a national level. This plan is based on years of service that goes towards your benefit. For every year of service you will receive $32.00. For example if you were a member for thirty years you would receive $960.00 per month at your retirement age.UNION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM -


IBEW Local Union 223 Scholarship - 

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Mass. AFL-CIO Scholarship Application (PDF)

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