Promoting Growth : Industry Nights

The members of Local 223 have recognized the need to promote the IBEW and the work we do, as well as the Electrical Industry at large.  With this in mind, we have formed a membership development committee. The committee, headed by Membership Development Director Bart Perry, has been meeting twice a month since the beginning of 2008. The committee consists of members of the Local.

Their mission is to assist the Membership Development Director with implementing the IBEW policy on membership development. This includes informing open shop electricians, technicians, and apprentices about the benefits of membership in the IBEW. The committee is also responsible for the planning of Industry Nights and jobsite blitzes.

The industry night is held at a neutral location where contractors or workers can go and find out information about becoming a union contractor or union member. Informational booths are set up to explain the workings and benefits of the IBEW. At each booth or station you can obtain information about the IBEW training through the IBEW retirement system. You can learn how to hire on to a contractor or how you would hire someone if you were a contractor.

If you are a member and want to become involved in the committee, contact Bart Perry. The committee is always looking for new members to become part of the team.

If you are an open shop contractor, or worker and would like more information about the IBEW or the next industry night contact Business Manager Doug Nelson.